Germany’s cashless payment era is finally coming

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I believe that you all have a deep understanding of the convenience of domestic cashless payment development, and we are deeply squandered by German cash payments. Every time we return to China, it seems that the cavemen have come to the modern society. When I paid the bill, I was still arrogant in cash. In a blink of an eye, others have already paid for it by mobile phone which android POS scan the QR code. It was hard to adapt, and once I returned to Germany, I returned to the original shape. However, the good news is finally here, and the era of cashless payment in Germany is coming!


Next, Google and Paypal will work together. In the future, whether on the Internet or in the store, all Paypal users can make payments on Android phones via Google Pay to accepted by POS system. This cooperation is a rare opportunity for both companies. Paypal has a 21 million user base in Germany, and 80% of these users use Android mobile phones run by Google. This will be a huge breakthrough in mobile payment by mobile payment pos.


Google has high hopes for this cooperation because it wants to greatly shorten the gap with the powerful competitor Apple through this cooperation. Although the Android system is the most widely used mobile phone operating system, because the payment system has been inconsistent, the turnover of Android App-Store has been only half of Apple's turnover for many years.


But Google rushed up! Last year, Google Inc. created a unified credit card payment system on its Android mobile platform and its chrome search browser platform.


The cooperation between Google and Paypal will change the payment method in Germany, people will no longer use cash payment, whether in the supermarket, restaurant, or after the completion of the hair, you can use the mobile payment merchant's POS machine to pay.


The data shows that Germany is the country that prefers to pay in cash in European countries. According to a survey by economic consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, Germans prefer to pay in cash because they feel that cash payments are safer and more secure, and they can better protect privacy.


This cooperation between Google and Paypal marks a major turning point in the German payment era. In addition, China's Alipay and WeChat platforms will further expand into the European market in the future. The era of cashless payment in Germany is coming. Are you ready?


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