Cashless payment is the future, and the difference between credit card payment and mobile payment is big

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Mobile payment is now a very common payment method in China. There is no doubt that China has a large number of mobile payment users because of its large number of people. It can be said that no country in the world has such a large mobile payment user group in China. Alipay and WeChat are two big Internet companies.


Because mobile payment is popular in China, the cashless payment in everyone's mind seems to be only a way to pay by mobile phone. In fact, cashless payment also includes credit card payment.


In the field of cashless payment, China has taken a shortcut. In fact, Europe and the United States are taking the road of normal development without cash, from cash to credit card accepted by POS terminal to mobile payment by SMART POS.


China's smartphone giants and China's huge population base have created the status of Alipay and WeChat's Internet giants. The number of users of Alipay and WeChat has also contributed to the popularity of mobile payment.


In the field of mobile payment in the world, it can be compared with Alipay and WeChat payment. It is estimated that only Apple pays, but Apple pays more for the number of countries in use, but it is rare in China.


Because of its limitations, Apple's payment must be used in the Apple system. In fact, there are more mobile phones in the world than Android. The world's most likely Apple payment is against Alipay and WeChat payment. At most, it dominates the devices of the Apple system, and there is no way to take all the systems like Alipay and WeChat payment.


In terms of mobile payment, we are still in the leading position in the world which we put both cash and credit cards into the mobile phone.


No matter what cashless research report, we can proudly say that our mobile payment is the most developed, because according to the normal law, the development of society will use cash to cashless payment by POS machine, which is through the use of credit cards. There are also credit cards in China, but they are not yet popular. Everyone is starting to use mobile phones to pay. This development is faster than any country.


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