Hospital support patients QR payment

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Payment has always been a key part that many Internet medical companies want to do with hospital. Recently, a software company has tried support QR payment by QR payment POS on hospital.


When the patient pays in the hospital, insert the medical card into the self-service POS machine, and after inputting the recharge amount, the self-service POS device will call the two-dimensional code displayed on the interface of the intelligent integrated payment platform, and the patient scans QR code to complete the payment. Payment methods contains UnionPay payment, etc.


At the back end of the hospital, after the patient's payment is successful, the hospital HIS will automatically obtain relevant information to facilitate financial reconciliation. In addition, hospital finance can also be reconciled through the integrated management console of the intelligent integrated payment platform.


The intelligent integrated payment platform will automatically complete the reconciliation with the channel every day, and provide three-way reconciliation with medical institutions and third-party applications. The medical institutions only need to reconcile with the platform, and do not need to separate with each payment platform (bank). Make frequent reconciliations.


It is reported that the payment service provided by the intelligent integrated payment platform covers the payment of subscription payment, registered payment, inter-diagnosis payment, self-service payment, pre-paid recharge and other payment links.


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