The mobile payment is getting popular in the abroad travelling

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The overseas mobile payment data released by Alipay recently during the Spring Festival of 2019 shows that Chinese tourists have a significant trend of overseas consumption upgrades. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the cities with the most overseas consumption during the Spring Festival. The per capita overseas Alipay consumption growth rate of the third- and fourth-tier cities has exceeded the big cities. In addition, middle-aged and elderly people are also becoming the main force of outbound travel. The number of people who use Alipay overseas after the “60s” has increased by 1.3 times. Gradually, like young people, they have the habit of “no wallet” to travel around the world.


The rapid growth of Alipay residents in the third- and fourth-tier cities and middle-aged and older people abroad indicates that overseas mobile payments are rapidly spreading by using the mobile payment pos. Nowadays, the global mobile payment boom has been ushered in. Alipay has covered more than 40 countries and regions in more than 40 countries and regions around the world with android pos, including eating, drinking and shopping. It also supports instant tax rebates in more than 80 airports around the world. This year's Spring Festival, the cruise ship also entered the mobile payment for the first time with integrated pos terminal. All cruise ships departing from China’s home port have also been connected to mobile payments to facilitate the consumption of mobile phones by tourists.


The amount of transactions that Chinese outbound tourists use for mobile payments accounted for 32% of the total transaction amount, which exceeded the cash payment for the first time. Nearly 70% of Chinese tourists have been used to paying by mobile phones. In addition, nearly 60% of overseas merchants have seen an increase in passenger traffic and revenue after accessing Alipay; 55% of the merchants that have not yet accessed are eager to access as soon as possible. The person in charge of the duty-free group DFS said that Chinese tourists can use the wallet in 13 countries and regions of DFS, and they can use mobile phones to pay. The clerk is already familiar with the operation of mobile payment.



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