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The new concept of POS systems is likely to be closely linked to the Internet, helping retailers maximize profits. In the past two decades, IT products such as POS machines, android pos, bar code technology, radio frequency, PC-based MIS, and financial management software have been widely used in retail applications. Especially with the development of network technology, information technology has become the core of modern retail industry. Competitiveness.


How to transform the experience accumulated in the retail industry and the insights of customers into new advantages, how to stimulate the innovation and profitability of enterprises through the update of management and information systems, how to pursue sustainable development while developing rapidly development of? So the industry has proposed a new retail POS system to achieve the following performance:


1. Select a new processor so that the total energy consumption of the new system can be reduced by more than 60-70% compared to the traditional POS system. It reduces the total cost of ownership of the POS system in the sales store and increases the satisfaction of the consumer shopping experience.

2. In order to cater to the consumer's preference for self-service shopping under the e-commerce trend like an online pos system, the new retail system can include a number of features that reflect the advantages of Internet shopping, such as promoting existing inventory products, displaying promotional information, querying product details, and collecting customer reviews. .

3. The new system should have lower maintenance costs, better energy management features, and better security (such as system diagnostics).

4. The new concept POS system can be modularized and easily upgraded to next-generation processor platforms, providing retailers with the latest technical support.

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