what is a pos system?

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The POS system is a kind of real time information system by using an automatic reading device (such as a cash register, android pos) to read and collect the sales information (such as product name, unit price, sales quantity, sales time, sales shop, purchase customer, etc.) when selling goods and send the data through the communication network and computer system to the relevant departments for analysis and processing to improve operational efficiency of the system. The POS system was first used in the retail industry and gradually expanded to other service industries such as finance and hotels.


So how do you choose a cost-effective POS system? In fact, it is very simple, from several dimensions:

First, the industry counterparts, each industry has its own operating characteristics, the function requirements for the cash register system and store management are not the same, the function does not need much, but it must be suitable;

Second, the operation is simple, the cashier is a highly mobile profession, and the high training cost is quite unreasonable for the bosses. Only the cashier system that is easy to use and easy to use is the best choice;

Third, after-sales service, for chain-type shopping malls, the system is huge and complex, with dedicated service, but most single-store cashier systems rarely support on-site services. At this time, customer service response attitude and feedback speed are needed. Good after-sales service can sometimes solve the problems of the bosses at critical moments;


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