Mobile phone QR code payment is convenient, but have potential on security, NFC payment can be ok

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Nowadays, mobile phones have become more and more popular. The change of payment has been benefited by the popularity of mobile phones. Nowadays, mainstream payment methods include “two-dimensional code” and NFC near-field payment. The former has no obstacles in its use. Even now, the current selling of biscuits on the street began to pay with the QR code without POS terminal. The latter, as a function module that has only recently been installed on mobile phones, has received a lot of attention because of the convenience of payment methods. However it not only ask user’s phone support NFC but also merchant have to equip with POS device.


At present, the two mainstream payment methods have obvious advantages and disadvantages. The QR code has been widely used. It can be said that except for a small amount of cash payment, the rest is the payment of the two-dimensional code, but two The dimension payment process is relatively complicated. You must first unlock the phone and open the software to start using the camera to scan for payment.


The use of a very high-profile mobile phone is basically done in one go, but the thousand yuan machine in the market is biggest users, in the process of using the payment in the thousand yuan machine, it will produce a stuck or slow running situation. This will affect the payment of mobile phones. In particular, some older people will use it for a longer period of time. In addition, there are still some security issues in QR code payment. Therefore, there are already policies that limit the maximum daily use of funds. The upper limit is up.


NFC payment began to be gradually understood by consumers with the iPhone and Samsung mobile phones. Although mobile phone has already started to use NFC technology, it has caused consumers to pay attention to the "credit" of the iPhone. It is still a bit embarrassing, nfc payment which easy to be read by point of sale system is relatively easy to pay faster than the two-dimensional code payment.


However, NFC has obvious advantages, but the current defects are also obvious. At present, there are not enough mobile phones that can support NFC, and the people who use them are not wide enough. This is still useless for consumers, and this function is only useful. It is only used in a small number of flagship mobile phones, and if it is decentralized to a thousand yuan machine, it is believed to be very helpful for popularization.


On the other hand, NFC still has some security issues to be solved. Many people's bank cards have IC functions, which leads many people to use the NFC function to read bank card cardholder information, even until the recent consumption record, although this can only be It will happen very close, but this is also a reason why NFC is not being used in large numbers!


It can be seen that with the help of technology, our life has undergone tremendous changes, but the security problems that come with it can be said to have been blind spots for consumers, which puts high demands on the technology of enterprises. At present, Alipay is good as a payment giant. WeChat is also good in terms of security, but there are still many third-party payment companies that do not have this strong security team, but everyone is paying for QR code for consumption. The situation is the same, it is not obvious difference, this is the reason for limiting the amount of payment, convenient payment, safety first.


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