Android POS Software

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Business transactions aren’t limited to behind the counter anymore. Gone are the days of bringing the store to the checkout. Now, with our Android POS software for tablets and phones, you can bring the checkout to the store, wherever it may be.

Affordable and Accessible

Android devices are available in almost every country for low-priced hardware all the way up to the most expensive equipment. Unlimited options and compatibility with your existing platforms makes Datamega  Android POS a winning point of sale system.

Fits almost any device

Regardless if you use an Android POS tablet or mobile phone, our developer-friendly operating system makes it easier to innovate. When you buy from Datamega, we keep up with the future, so your business stays in the present, not the past.

Enterprise-level security

Your Android device can be locked to “kiosk mode”, meaning it will disable all features of the tablet or phone not related to the provision of a POS service. Encrypt sensitive customer data, set policies, manage staff access, and more.