What a 5.0 POS can bring you in your business?

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From the first generation of cash register to the fourth generation of POS, the multimedia audio and video functions have brought the POS technology on to a new stage. When the PC technology matures and enters the POS industry, POS terminal manufacturer began to build panels, storage devices and network connections into the POS which most of them is touch screen cash register and is what they are today.


In addition to playing a key role at the checkout counter, there are also various POS incarnations in the store. Since 〝Sale〞 becomes 〝Service〞, including KIOSK and digital push system are included in the POS concept, and connected with the backend host to create More applications. Future multimedia and touch panels are the focus of the fourth generation POS


As for the fifth generation, which is now the concept of retail 4.0 combined with the Internet. POS terminal manufacturer in Taiwan have met customers from Las Vegas in an exhibition, surprised by the diversity of POS today, and introduced POS The casino is set up in the VIP customer's room for betting gambling, which must be achieved through a network connection. In the future, in a business hotel or hotel, the POS construction in each room will have the opportunity to replace the traditional telephone room service. At this time, the POS will be combined with the compact computer to create more business opportunities.

The way to connect with general computers, IT systems and external Internet is different. POS belongs to the internal system of the store. In addition to checkout, it also needs to be responsible for the recording functions such as import, sales and inventory. Therefore, the network connected by POS is enterprise. Intranet, if it needs to integrate with O2O, it must first connect with the external network through the enterprise IT system, and then connect the message to the POS to avoid external attacks from the POS and endanger the operation of the store.


Although POS is a dedicated embedded architecture, its application technology is the same as that of PC. Since Taiwan is a PC kingdom, technology is not difficult to obtain. Therefore, although there are several hardware manufacturers that have been publicly released in the POS industry, small factories Quite a lot, and the technical level of hardware manufacturers is not far away, so in the POS industry, the real value decision point is in the development of application software.


The degree of customization of the POS system is extremely high. Nearly 100% of the POS system needs to be tailor-made. Not only can the industry use the same application software because of different characteristics, but the software of the same industry is different. The fast food industry is the enemy of McDonald's. For example, with KFC, since the current POS system is no longer only responsible for the cash register operation of the front-end, it is connected to the back-end host through the network, and plays an important role in product information, financial control, and operation process, so even though The products are hamburger and fried chicken, but the huge process at the back end is very different, and the software used is also very different.


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