Smart POS helping hand in New Retail

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New retail is not a kind of new retail channel changes but a kind of new experiences for the consumers. It is a kind of services that combine the best of online and offline commerce.


With the Smart Phone’s deeply penetration in the peoples’ life, people is used to the mobile payment and willing to use as much as possible their Smart Phone in their daily life. So “new retail” is no longer a concept, it is a kind of things that happens day by day. The traditional offline retail stores and chains and the pure e-commerce services are about to pass. The combination between online and offline plus the modern logistics will finally bring the best consumer experience to the consumers. So the Smart POs that can carrying out multi functionality giving a hand in the new wave of New Retail, so POS China manufacturer are facing a big opportunity and big challenges.


Taking the online food ordering industry as an example, the Smart POS terminal not only carries mobile payment function, but also provides voucher authentication, data analysis, direct customer marketing and so on. According to the data of UnionPay, the proportion of certified Android POS terminal has increased significantly in recent years. The shipment volume of smart terminals has exceeded 1 million units in year 2016 which is nearly 10 times of 2015. So the Smart POS terminal has already became an indispensable part of “new retail”.


In order to serve in the gap of traditional retail and new retail, Datamega have released it 4G full network android POS terminal with inbuilt camera and printer.


About DataMega


DATAMEGA create up an experience and vitality team for design, research and development, marketing, sales and after-sales service of android POS terminal. The core engineers and marketers are working on this industry of smart POS for more than 10 years and we can provide quality product and service for partners.


To be leading of POS china manufacturer, DATAMEGA Insight into the market demand, understanding the customer pain points, in the pursuit of product innovation at the same time, DATAMEGA is committed to providing customers with the high-quality POS device.