Fingerprint can “swipe” on bank POS machine

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You can use the card to swipe your fingerprints to pay your order. Fingerprint technology is being used more and more in the daily life of the public, such as fingerprint car starters, fingerprint safe deposit boxes, etc., and more businesses. Smell the business opportunities it brings. 2


You don't need to swipe your card to just buy via your own fingerprints, you can buy movie tickets, eat, and buy clothes. Recently, this new payment method has been launched in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.


Consumers only need to press the left index finger three times on a point of sale terminal similar to a POS machine, brush in a UnionPay card, enter the ID card number and mobile phone number, and the fingerprint information is bound to the bank account. work. Different from the traditional payment method, the fingerprint payment does not need to be swiped and paid in cash when the merchant pays for the payment. As long as the user is on the fingerprint payment terminal, the user can press the finger and then input the identification code (ie, the mobile phone number), less than 5 seconds. The clock can be easily completed.


Of course, this needs to be used by merchants with fingerprint POS machines, and these merchants will also offer different discounts on activities. At present, fingerprint payment supports all bank cards with UnionPay logo. Considering that there may be inconvenience in specific operations, each fingerprint currently only corresponds to one bank card account.


While emerging payment methods are convenient, their security is the most concerned. According to reports, the fingerprint payment service does not use the actual fingerprint image of the individual, does not invade privacy, but extracts a few tiny feature points in each fingerprint and converts it into a set of fingerprint data information in a vector encryption manner. In the actual payment, the data obtained by the user is different each time, so the internal logic relationship of different sets of data is judged by the recognition algorithm to identify. Therefore, in the process of opening and using the fingerprint payment service, the relevant parties only store the fingerprint data information, not the image information, and cannot launch the fingerprint image, so there is no problem of information leakage or copying.


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