What is QR payment collection by POS machine?

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Now scanning QR codes to collect money has become a common way for merchants to collect money. Whether it is WeChat payment or Alipay payment, merchants can collect money by scanning code. Then the pos machine can scan the code to collect the money? The intelligent POS machine that appears now solves this problem perfectly. What is QR code money collection?


In recent years, smart POS has become famous for its different payment services from traditional POS. The technology of touch operation, QR code scanning, fingerprinting and others of smart pos have improved the user's purchasing experience. The concept of secondary marketing, membership management, personalized industry solutions, etc., which has brought a small wind in the POS market. The "personality" of smart POS is the most one. Based on this "personality", the standardization of modular design proposed by UnionPay runs counter to the intelligent POS. This may not have much impact. The module design is usually embodied on the hardware, while the intelligent POS personalization scheme is from the software. Starting from the level. Just like the body and the mind, once the two are perfectly integrated, the industrialization of smart POS will be unstoppable.


So, what is QR code payment collection? In short, the merchant can also complete the QR code collection through the pos machine, this requires the latest android POS terminal to achieve this level. The software integrates access to UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat payment, wing payment, QQ payment, Jingdong payment, Ping An wallet, Baidu wallet and major banks, etc., supporting a variety of payment methods, such as smart POS, one-pay Scan code, cash register, MIS, mobile payment, etc.


Through the detailed description of the above content, we can understand that the android POS terminal can complete the QR code collection, which is a higher-level collection experience for the merchant.


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