Android Pos Terminal

Electronic Fiscal Device Fis-NANO

Fiscal android POS devices Fis-NANO can be used for different fiscal countries to assist local authority to record sales and taxes.
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Fis-NANO is the next generation POS solution for fiscal countries. Retail cash register Fis-Nano with intelligent Android operation system, full touch screen, smart and portable design especially for small retail stores, is used to replace old keyboard cash register so as to provide users visual, simple, convenient and smart business management. It can be used to assist customers manage sales operation and fiscal tax management on small retail shops, coffees, groceries, etc.
                                Meanwhile, as SMART POS, Fis-NANO is able to support various VAS application in secure OS environment to bring more sales income to users. 

Intelligent Android operation system

Android 7.0 operation system / Quad-core 1.3GHz CPU, 1G RAM /8G ROM

Smart cash register Fis-Nano uses the latest Android 7.0 operation system work with Android retail APP, and quad CPU, 1G RAM/8G ROM ensures the smooth running of the APP for quick sales processing.

SMALL SIZE with big paper roll andspeedy printer

58mm width printer support 50 diameter paper roll / Fast printing speed of 60mm/s

Cashier system Fis-Nano is very smart with small size but in order to meet the requirements of small stores, it is designed with big paper roll with 50mm diameter to avoid frequently paper replacement, improving working efficiency of the cashiers and reducing the costs. The printing speed of cloud POS Fis-NANO is up to 60mm / s, which greatly reduce consumer queuing time to provide good services for customer. 

Stable network and optional extra antenna

4G/3G/WIFI/BT/GPS wireless connection / External antenna optional

In order to provide users stable network, mobile pos solutions Fis-NANO not only supports WiFi and 4G / 3G networks, but also has a standard dual sim dual standby design, which can automatically switch between SIM 1 and SIM 2 with bettersignal. 
Meanwhile, DATAMEGA offer mobile cash register Fis-NANO with optional external antenna design for poor signal area and support connect extra-long antenna to enhance machine signal collection capacity to ensure connection well.      

NFC READER &option 2PSAM or extra 4SIM

Support ISO14443 type A/B, ISO18092 NFC card / Optional 2 PSAM for security / optional 4SIM for special usage

Mobile pay android terminal Fis-NANO supports read & write card of RFID and NFC with the band of 13.8MHZ, which is applicable for the bus ticket selling, parking lot system and membership management. Dual PSAM encrypt design can be used for special encrypt communication and encrypted data requirement. Retail pos terminal FIS-NANO also support 4 sim cards (option) to meet the application need of multi SIM cards in special regions such as Africa.

Big battery

Standard 7.4V 2500mAh battery / Supper big 7.4V 5000mAh battery as option

Digital cash register FIS-NANO with standard 7.4V 2500mAh battery could support 24 hours working time. In order to help those areas where lack of electricity or demand of mobile sales, DATAMEGA double its design to be 5000Mah to double working time after full charge.

Option fingerprint reader

Capacitive fingerprint reader with 508 DPI / ISO19794-Z, ANSI-378 template support

Part of applications require the function of biometric fingerprint to ensure security login, users’ information collection, ID verification and user information identification. Biometric register Fis-NANO especially designed with capacitive fingerprint which identify fake fingerprint to provide higher security than optical fingerprint reader. And Biometric POS machine FIS-NANO with professional SDK support template of ISO19794-Z and ABSU-378 to quickly and accurately collect and recognize users’ fingerprint information with lower error rate.

Dual display

5inch HD IPS Touch screen / 2line LCD customer display

Business cash register Fis-Nano has 5” high resolution operation screen, with a resolution of 720x1280, providing users comfortable operation experiences. The built-in LCD customer displays with two-line design to display product name and prices, inform consumer the sales information timely. In addition, it can share some promotion activities to attract more consumptions.

Fiscal compliant

Customized for different fiscal countries, Fiscal POS printer Fis-NANO not just have special hardware design like fiscal seal, fiscal memory and fiscal EJ,etc, according to fiscal law. But also it has customized Fiscal retail software running on Fis-NANO which is for different fiscal country to achieve sales management, record fiscal tax information on device, upload sales data and tax information to tax authority server in encrypted way, etc.

Compare with old type keyboard cash register, fiscal android POS Fis-NANO with retail software can offer better user experience: 
1. Friendly operation user interface  / 2. Powerful data entry and search function  / 3. Quick sales management and conveniently Report forms statistics / 4. Know device running status anytime anywhere from Cloud and manage to collect device status.


5M pixel rear auto focus camera / Standard Android scanner SDK

Mobile QR code POS machine Fis-Nano designed with rear camera, can be used for fast barcode scanning by hand. DataMega provides professional barcode API interface to support rapid recognition of most types of barcodes. It does not need connected external professional scanner. Fis-NANO provides all in one POS solution for small stores to help to them to manage business in low cost.

VAS extension

Approval value-add application from 3rd parties are arrowed to install on smart all-in-one fiscal POS Fis-NANO. And option PSAM slot suit for special security requirement of VAS application.



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