Datamega Unveils Smart-One for online ordering business and the Value Added Services 2018-10-01

Datamega Technology have officially released their first model called Smart-One, that is designed for the restaurant online ordering usage, online fiscal solution and the cloud-based terminal for the mobile wallet solution. It can be put at the agent outlet for executing all the services including cash deposit, cash withdraw, money transfer inside the platform, money transfer to the account in other platform, and other improved financial services like micro loan and weekly payback, micropayment in store and ect.

Smart-One is a 7inch touch screen pos terminal using latest quad-core CPU with 1G Ram and 8G Rom in hardware and support Android 7.0 that customer can develop related APP using the Datamega SDK. The front end APP could communicate with the back office server with WCDMA or GPRS mobile network, or using USSD technology. For the retail chain stores, they can connect with the headquarter server via the fix-line by the Ethernet port or by the Wifi function on Smart-One.

To solve the power failure problem on agent outlets in the rural area and hill area, Smart-One has been designed with the inbuilt UPS battery of 2500mAH, even with the option to upgrade to 5000mAH.

To solve the signal problem in low infrastructure country, Smart-One has an option of external antenna for connecting the extension antenna cable up to the root of the agent outlet shops.

With the 7” touch design, Smart-One also could be used as a Touch Fiscal Cash Register, to replace the old style fiscal cash register which is using a MCU chip and ROM fiscal memory, by it’s powerful connection channel and its fast speed CPU. Then Smart-One can work on a real time base with the server in the TAX authority to get the signature in time and issue the receipt of the sales and the services to the customer immediately. It also have two USB ports to could connect with external customer display and barcode reader, work as a sales system together with the suitable cash drawer.