Datamega Unveils Smart-Cube; bring a magic Android POS for the Fintech solution company 2018-11-01

Datamega Technology have officially launched their magic model called Smart-Cube with the aim of covering all requirements of the solution company in the fintech industry, who focuses on working for the cashless payment solution, the financial inclusion solution for the unbanked and underbanked people who is eliminated from the normal banking service and the microfinance solution for following the customer under KYC solution. Like the magic cube, it can change into different model by select different options like with 2D scanner engine or with fingerprint reader.

Smart-Cube selected not only the latest Quad-Core CPU with updating operating system of Android 7.0, but designed with features of magnetic card reader, Smart card reader, NFC card reader together with the 2PSAM card that could be used for all kinds of mobile payment and security control for the communication and authentication. More and more mobile payment solution chooses to use QR code, so Smart-Cube ‘s 5M pixel rear camera with specified scanning driver give our customer a seamless feeling. As all the Fintech solution need indeed the real time communication with the server, Smart-Cube support the connection from 3G/2G to 4G mobile network with two SIM cards and dual standby.

But for the customer who run a grocery store or mini market, we provide them with inbuilt symbol scanning engine that could be used for a frequently scan and could work on every kinds of barcode material than the mobile phone panel at the sales point, this scanning engine even could be used for daily stock taking.

For the KYC solution requirement, we inbuilt FBI certified and STQC certified Crossmatch capacitive fingerprint reader into Smart-Cube, this kind of all-in-one biometric handheld device make the identification can be done at anywhere anytime, bring such kind of identification and authentication solution to a different level.This could do a lot help in the government subsidy distribution to the poor, the refugeeregistration system, voter registration and authentication system, SIM card registration and activation, microfinance farmer registration and ect.