Datamega lanched its low cost model Smart-MINI, give an all-in-one option to the Bluetooth printer APP 2019-07-01

Datamega bring their model Smart-MINI to the market, with the aim to providing an all-in-one low cost model to the solution that working on Android OS but need connect with Bluetooth printer to print the sales or service receipt to their customer. As Bluetooth connection with Smartphone or tablet sometimes is unstable or being interrupted, solution company is preferred to have a direct connect printer terminal to run their solution, it will bring their customer a user friendly solution and get them a good reputation for their solution.

Smart-MINI with inbuilt Bluetooth driver, it can run the APP without software integration for the printing, your customer can just replace the only hardware of tablet+Bluetooth printer with Smart-MINI with no headache to you. It also inbuilt a 5M pixel rear camera to take picture or do the barcode scanning. Scanning the payment code of the online shopping, scanning the promotion code on the smart phone, scanning the barcode when selling the prepaid SIM card.

This portable model still designed with 2SIM cards and dual standby, and designed with low voltage printer mechanism that will be result in a more receipt printing quantity using the same battery capacity.