Handheld Pos Terminal


Are you tired of receiving complaints from customers that the device can't be used, but only to find that the application has been uninstalled by them? Do you often receive complaints from customers that the machine is getting slower and slower, and the speed is intolerable but the machine is found Facebook and fruit ninja on it?

Commercial device should be only for commercial purpose. By following methods, we ensure our devices will only run those authorized applications. Users are prohibited from using the device for personal use.

Prohibit the Application Exit

Navigation bar and status bar will be automatically prohibited to ensure your applications to run in this device.

Prohibit the Installation and Network Connection of Unauthorized Applications

Only the authorized application can be installed by setting up the “white list”. Meanwhile, we can allow or prohibit appointed network access, no need pay for any extra flow.

Prohibit Notification and Uninstallation of Software

Your software will not be uninstalled unexpectedly by the function of prohibition software uninstallation. Meanwhile, your customer will be not disturbed by other notification during the operation.


Every software is full of the efforts of developers. Your data is invaluable and needs to be protected. We restrict unauthorized developers to connect our devices via below way.


    Freely choose USB communications

    You can turn off the USB data communication function when the software is running, and specify that the USB connection is only used for charging. You can also turn on data communication when you need it to facilitate data synchronization.

    Turn On/Off Debugging Function at Any Time

    You can enable the developer mode and debugging mode during software development, which is convenient for developers to debug software. You can also turn off developer mode and debugging mode when the software is running to prohibit any third-party developers from copying the software or reading data.


Do your technicians need to go far away to provide technical support for customers? Have you paid an expensive technical charges to maintain your customers?

We provide friendly hardware testing tools to customers. Simple operation can immediately test the working status of core hardware and provide testing reports. Your users can complete the equipment tests by themselves, and send the results to your technical service people by photos or email.

By DM cloud service, your technicians can even remotely connect to the device to check and solve the user's problems after the user authorization.

Software Upgrade, Easy to Realization!

Your customers always have a variety of requirements so software upgrades can  not be avoided. But there is full of kinds of entertainment softwares, even competitor’s applications in the application market.

It's time to say goodbye to Google play! Through DM cloud, you can install and upgrade your software at any time. Software installation has never been so simple!

  • With the gray release function, you can specify a device or some devices to install your software to minimize the possible risks.
  • If necessary, your software can be installed quietly in the background and will not  disturb the daily use of users.
  • You can learn about the software installation situation through the system reports at any time to make sure that your software has been successfully installed on each device.