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Withdraw cash from bank ATM without a bank card but just your PHONE 2020/07/24

Normally people withdraw cash from bank ATM from their debit card, but now it is changed that such Cardless ATM is ubiquitous even in Sri Lanka. A lot of banks have changed their ATM to have card-free function, using cardless ATMs make withdrawing cash faster and more convenient. It is considered to be safer than using a physical debit card to withdraw cash, the risk of lost or stolen cards and remove the threat of card skimming is the biggest type of fraud associated with ATMs

Cardless ATM also happened in Sri Lanka for the mobile phone subscribers not the bank card holders by the cooperation between the largest local mobile wallet supplier eZ cash and Commercial Bank. They have released a specific ATM machine for the subscriber of Dialog, Etisalat &Hutch can withdraw cash 24 hours and 7 days a week from the selected BANK ATM terminals.

Though there is a limitation in the maximum withdraw amount of Rs.5000 per transaction, this kind of services have brought a great convenience to the users in their daily life.

One day, no matter living in the high banking service country or living in the low banking penetration region, people can leave their home without a wallet.

New Products

  • Fiscal cash regsiter
    Electronic Fiscal Device Fis-NANO

    Fiscal android POS devices Fis-NANO can be used for different fiscal countries to assist local authority to record sales and taxes.

  • Android POS terminal
    Biometric POS machine Smart-CUBE

    Smart-CUBE as biometric pos terminal carry with android 7.0 operation system, 5.5inch touch screen,  fingerprint reader, 2D scanner , 4G/3G/WIFI network and 2inch printer. 

  • All-in-one POS machine
    Retail POS system Smart-TILL

    System pos Smart-TILL is focus on simplifying the operation of cashiers and to realize fast sales in both online and offline. It can connect with various peripherals such as customer display, scale, scanner, EFT-POS, etc, to provide users with an integrated POS system.

  • point of sale hardware
    Android POS machine Smart-ONE

    DATAMEGA researches market need and replace keyboard cash register, it designs its first popular All-in-one POS with Android based system SMART-ONE to fit with customers’ requirement. 

  • Smart Handheld POS terminal
    Handheld POS machine Smart-MINI

    SMART-MINI launched to be portable POS terminal with higher security Android 8.1 operation system and customized multi-functions to fit with market demand.