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Will the blockchain combined with smart POS payments be a new social revolution? 2020/07/28

Hong Kong version of Alipay Alipayay online, the world's first blockchain-based e-wallet cross-border remittance services. On June 25, 2018, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba, Ma Yun, will witness the first remittance at the Hong Kong conference. As the development of the blockchain industry approaches the end of the initial phase, many key technology foundations are mature enough.

Analyze the advantages of blockchain android POS clearing compared to traditional mobile payment POS:

1. Lower purchase risk Our coverage covers all transactions (including goods and most services).

2. The payment approval speed immediately approves the payment and makes the experience of both parties (buyers and sellers) smooth and easy, no need to work

The process of heart and soul.

3. Low transaction fees: We use advanced analytics that connect multiple cryptocurrency providers to provide low transaction fees for buyers and sellers.

4. Accept a variety of cryptocurrencies (bit currency, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monroe, etc.), accounting for a larger proportion of the total market value.

5. Capital security: Use the power of the blockchain to bid farewell to credit card fraud.

6. Do not accept refusal: Credit card fraud and malicious chargeback are common phenomena that rely on credit card traditional payment services, and sellers can avoid this kind of trouble by using bitcoin.

7. Effectively resolve disputes: The dispute resolution model provided includes a self-mediation mechanism involving two parties and an advanced three-party dispute mediation mechanism. Its function is to allow the two parties to conduct real-time dialogue under the guidance of a mediator. Enables you to resolve conflicts quickly and easily.

8. Seller Rating: The implemented rating analysis algorithm will be used to evaluate the seller's performance, as long as the seller's performance increases, the fund holding period will be correspondingly reduced.

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