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What Smart POS can do in the mobile payment tendency? 2020/07/28

The development of the EFT POS industry has a long history, but it still seems to be a traditional one. The Customer end has reached to the internet age, but the Business end is still at the traditional level. As an ancient payment tool, the traditional EFT POS terminal has been far from meeting the fast-growing requirement of mobile payment tendency.

When the mobile phone moved from a featured machine to a smart phone, it brought an enormous change in the daily life. It has been happened in many people's behaviors of reading, communication, shopping, traveling, investment and so on. The introduce of mobile payments and its fast developing all over the world makes the Smart POS terminal a key connection point between the online and the offline node.


Different users and merchants are linked with different payment applications and data. The requirement changes in current situation by the payment company and the diversified retail customer bring big opportunities to the Smart POS industry and changes in the design of POS device, and it has driven the requirement of Smart POS. In China, the competition between Alipay and WeChat payment has made the QR mobile payment spreading out very fast, and the Quick Pass payment of UnionPay and ApplePay has made it is quite popular to pay by mobile phone in the youth even the wrinkly.

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