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What is better, POS system with Windows or Android? 2020/07/28

Android POS system is more secure

The Windows system is an operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation of the United States. It has been upgraded to Windows 10. At the same time as the function upgrade, it has also been pointed out by industry insiders that it is moving closer to the Android user experience. As we all know, there are many Windows piracy systems on the market. The genuine version before Win10 has also stopped updating. Can you imagine how many dangerous vulnerabilities exist? Once the system is attacked by viruses or malicious attacks, it will cause great inconvenience to the restaurant, and data loss will cause great losses to the merchants.

The Android system is a Linux-based free and open source system. The development barrier determines the security and reliability of Windows. It is relatively vulnerable to viruses or malicious attacks. It is relatively safe. At the same time, cloud-based data storage can use the cloud platform to better identify and locate the scope of threats, and change the infrastructure deployment and response mode to defend against threats.

Two Android system updates and upgrades are convenient

The cash register system is an Internet product that keeps pace with the times. It will add some new functions according to the progress of the times and the needs of customers, such as mobile payment and docking and take-out platforms.

As mentioned above, the system before Windows10 has been stopped. If you use the cash register device of Windows system, it will not be upgraded. If you have to update it, you need to reinstall it in the store. The process is cumbersome. The android POS system has the function of one-click update, which is as convenient as upgrading the mobile phone system, making the cash register of the catering merchant more convenient and quick.

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