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What advantages of Smart POS? 2020/07/28

Compared to traditional POS, smart POS does have many advantages. Smart POS normally was designed by android pos terminal will be greatly developed in some industries, but it is difficult to form a large-scale and influential network to replace the traditional POS acquiring network in the short term. Both will have a longer-term coexistence phase.

1. Traditional POS limitations

a, system upgrade is more troublesome, involving terminal support, communication messages, POSP, and so on.

b. Poor support for non-standard financial business

d, the terminal interaction is poor, the operation is more troublesome

e. It is more troublesome to integrate with other business systems of the merchant. Although the traditional POS can support some value-added services through the customized menu, the communication protocol is mainly based on the ISO8385 message, which makes the expansion and upgrade more troublesome.

2, the advantages of smart POS

a. Smart POS is generally based on Android system customization, so it can be understood that the smart POS itself is a full-featured Android machine, so the smart POS basically avoids some limitations of the above traditional POS.

b. Smart POS+ Cloud SME SAAS service + open platform can help small and medium-sized businesses to open stores quickly. The main basic functions of this POS application are:

*, invoicing

*, accounting bookkeeping / online tax filing, etc.

*, member management (CRM)

*, WeChat public platform, Alipay service window, Baidu direct number and other platform integration management

*, merchant mobile e-commerce platform

*, open platform (class app store mode) in which third-party vendors or developers participate

c. Intelligent POS-based big data service

*, on the C side: With the member information, you can tap the user's preferences, personalized recommendations based on the so-called scene

*, on the B side: After the merchant transaction data, you can do business such as credit, credit, factoring, etc. 3.4, help banks, UnionPay and other financial institutions to carry out marketing activities and cardholders to maintain

d. Helping financial institutions such as banks and UnionPay to conduct marketing activities and maintain cardholders

It is easy to replace a traditional POS with a single-business smart POS. A smart POS needs to establish a similar network (ecological chain) to replace the traditional POS.

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