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The tendency of the POS SYSTEM 2020/07/28

The so-called POS is the Point of Sales system. The main function of the POS is that in the process of commodity trading or trading, both buyers and sellers can pass the sale information including the amount, quantity, sales details through the front-end automation equipment and peripheral equipment, such as: electronic cash register and POS scanner to into the back office system. And then through the application software the system will analysis all the information and generate statistics report. The results of the purchase, sales, inventory or inventory sales report will help the operators to make the quickest adjustments to the products, quantities and amounts of sales in the shortest time, which will make the business management more efficiency. So this advantages make the POS system rush to the world's major retail, catering, tourism department stores, convenience stores and other service providers.

At present, the world's major manufacturers include IBM, NCR, Omron, Micros, NEC, Panasonic, Radiant, Fujitsu, Wincor-Nixdorf and other companies. The development of Taiwan POS manufacturers is relatively late, but also because of this, it makes Taiwan's POS manufacturers know the importance of brands and channels which has also made Taiwan's POS manufacturers most fast in the brand establishment.

At present, the global demand for POS systems is about 2.4 million units per year, and the annual growth rate is about 10%. If the difference is in place, North America, Europe and Japan account for 70% of POS global demand. Among them, the POS system market in North America is very mature. In addition, the annual growth rate of POS compound in Japan from 2005 to 2007 is about 15%.

Due to the high degree of customization of POS systems, the cost of related parts is mostly absorbed by customers. The main function of POS manufacturers is to maintain the high stability of the POS system and extend the life of the system. Overall, the continued growth of the service industry such as catering and retail together with the increasing function of POS systems and the increasing diversification of POS systems, is expected to continue the increasing demand for POS systems in the near future.

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