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POS and EFT POS 2020/07/28

There are two main types of POS:

Point of sale terminal, that is, a point-in-time information system, refers to an item that directly reads goods (such as a product name, a unit price, a sales quantity, a sales time, a sales shop, a purchase customer, etc.) when an item is sold by an automatic reading device (such as a cash register, mobile pos, android pos). and through the communication network and computer system to the relevant departments for analysis and processing to improve operational efficiency of the system. The POS system was first used in the retail industry, and gradually expanded to other service industries such as finance and hotels. The scope of the POS system was also extended from the inside to the entire supply chain. For the calculation of sales data and the expenditure of inventory at a certain point of sale at a certain point of time, bar code or magnetic media equipment is usually used.

The financial POS is a multi-functional terminal. It can be installed in the credit card's special merchants and the receiving network to connect with the computer to realize the automatic transfer of electronic funds. It has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer. Safe, fast and reliable to use. It is mainly used by special merchants to accept bank card consumption. The main industries used and the relevant deduction rates in Taiwan are as follows

(1) Air ticket sales, refueling, and large supermarkets generally deduct 0.5% of the consumption amount.

(2) Merchants with low POS credit card spending such as pharmacies, small supermarkets, wholesale departments, specialty stores, clinics, etc., generally deduct a rate of 1% of the consumption amount.

(3) The general deduction rate of hotels, restaurants, entertainment, jewellery and arts and crafts stores is 2% of the consumption amount.

(4) The general deduction rate of real estate and automobile sales merchants is a fixed handling fee, which is deducted according to the number of POS consumption credit cards, and each pen does not exceed 40 yuan according to regulations.

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