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Internet connected EFDs(electronic fiscal devices) is still not enough to fight against Tax evasion 2021/08/02

Android fiscal cash register

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When ECRA first introduce the internet connected fiscal cash register (or so called electronic tax register or electronic fiscal devices) it saved the work load of Tax Authority as the fiscal cash register can send the Z daily report of each devices of that single day to the ECRA server according to the programmed time without any excuse.

Such kind of new technology in Ethiopia have bring them a big success in the TAX collection after the introduction. The electronic fiscal devices were introduced at the beginning of 2008 in Addis and currently are in use throughout Ethiopia with many businesses. These devices directly transmit transaction information to state revenue offices, decreasing the risk of falsification or non-compliance with tax laws. But, even when EFDs are installed, they may not be used, or sellers may evade taxes by not issuing receipts or reporting their transactions.

Another illegal method is using stolen or lost machines but with the fiscal code another legal shops who is operating legally somewhere in the country. They will use the phone number, TIN number name and other details of the legal tax payer and print the receipt to the customer who do not aware of it. The legal tax payer will be told that they need to pay taxes for a transaction they made, but they will disprove this by showing the real transaction at the same date or time.

So the electronic fiscal devices manufacturers have designed third generation fiscal devices which have been introduced in several countries. The main improvement on the third generation fiscal devices is using signature on the printed receipt no matter 2D barcode or various characters that could be verified at the Tax Authority website. Also it supports to send not only the Z daily report to Tax authority server, but also need send each transaction data to the sever in batch or one by one.

With the above mentioned online EFDs, Tax Authority can control status of each device installed on the field, get every detailed sales data of the transaction. So by this way, the seller will be afraid of being captured, if not using EFD or not issuing receipt, when the TAX officer is using their fiscal APP around them to following the uploading receipts

Using the Android based fiscal cash register Datamega Technology have developed, the stolen terminal could be blocked by the MDM ( mobile device management) software system from the manufacturers server.

So the final method against tax evasion is upgrade to online electronic fiscal devices and use MDM to block the illegal terminal.

fiscal cash register

electronic tax register

electronic fiscal devices

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