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How to select the appropriate mobile POS hardware 2021/01/15

smart mobile POS system

Key words: mobile POS, POS hardware, Android POS, Smart POS terminal, smart printing, after-sales service

Summary: There are various POS machines in the market. Through the analysis of POS hardware price, product standard, after-sales service and other aspects, this paper aims to help customers avoid detours, better identify and select their own Android POS hardware devices, thereby reduce the trouble caused by insufficient mobile POS hardware in future business development

Facing the POS system with numerous brands and complex functions in the market, It is difficult for new and old merchants to choose a set of suitable POS products. Many people think of POS as a swipe machine with buttons,do not understand a simple swipe action will need what equipment and software support. POS System, is a point-of-sale System, which is a set of hardware and software to help merchants complete in-store transactions and transmit logistics information. Card swiping machine is only an important part of the System.

Nowadays, POS system is not only simple to input and record information, but also can really help merchants to improve the work efficiency and service quality of clerks. Time is money. Getting orders and accounts done faster and better can actually increase your income.

So, what aspects should we consider in order to choose the right mobile POS hardware for easy business operation?

1. **product standard
—High reliability
The POS terminals are frequently used. Sometimes it have to work more than ten hours every day, and the use of the environment can dusty and in a variety of electromagnetic interference environment. The use of POS is mostly run in network environment, combined with the characteristics of the business mode, which puts forward higher requirements to the reliability of the POS hardware.

—Fast speed:

The speed of the POS devices is directly related to the flow of customers and affects the overall image of the stores, so there are three important factors that determine the speed of the POS devices.
(1)The configuration of the host, such as :CPU, RAM,GB, Specific configuration of the motherboard.
(2)Printer speed. The printing machine is directly related to the customer’s waiting time.
(3)Design of application software. The operating habits of the application software determine the operating process, when the process is too complex or incoherent, it will greatly affect the payment speed.

—Easily maintained:
It is impossible for a POS device not to break down over a long period of time. It requires that the product be designed with this in mind. The first is when the machine failure in possible circumstances can report the fault information, in order to narrow the scope of the fault, for users to indicate the direction of repair. The next is to replace parts to be convenient, simple. General system maintenance personnel only need a simple training can be undertaken, do not need professional training

—Easy to operate:

When business is busy, especially during the holiday season, POS are simple and easy to operate, ad expecially the fast speed of printer appears especially importment, Because it can improve the cashier’s collection speed, in order to reduce customer queuing phenomenon as far as possible.

—Easy to extend:
With the development of the society, customers have various functional requirement for the POS.This requires that POS should be designed with sufficient scope for expansion, so that merchants can freely combine and choose according to their own requirements, add new functions, thus reducing customers’ investment and meeting their requirements

2,After-sales service
POS terminals are a kind of special high-tech products, some of which are vulnerable parts and consumables, which requires hardware suppliers to have high technical support and sufficient long-term spare parts supply.

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New Products

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    Electronic Fiscal Device Fis-NANO

    Fiscal android POS devices Fis-NANO can be used for different fiscal countries to assist local authority to record sales and taxes.

  • Android POS terminal
    Biometric POS machine Smart-CUBE

    Smart-CUBE as biometric pos terminal carry with android 7.0 operation system, 5.5inch touch screen,  fingerprint reader, 2D scanner , 4G/3G/WIFI network and 2inch printer. 

  • All-in-one POS machine
    Retail POS system Smart-TILL

    System pos Smart-TILL is focus on simplifying the operation of cashiers and to realize fast sales in both online and offline. It can connect with various peripherals such as customer display, scale, scanner, EFT-POS, etc, to provide users with an integrated POS system.

  • point of sale hardware
    Android POS machine Smart-ONE

    DATAMEGA researches market need and replace keyboard cash register, it designs its first popular All-in-one POS with Android based system SMART-ONE to fit with customers’ requirement. 

  • Smart Handheld POS terminal
    Handheld POS machine Smart-MINI

    SMART-MINI launched to be portable POS terminal with higher security Android 8.1 operation system and customized multi-functions to fit with market demand.