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How to select a POS system for your business? 2020/07/28

What is a pos system? POS system is combination of point of sale terminal and s/w developed to be used in a signal industry. It has developed from a only cash register to a point of sale, now a days to a point of services. But POS is only one of the tools to assist the operation of the store. Before making a decision of which kind of POS terminal manufacturer will be selected, the store owner must first set up the operation process of automation management. Then to understand what the POS system can do in this automation management and review the POS be installed in the store step by step. By this way, the money will not be wasted on an unwanted feature.

In addition to that, there are two aspects to be considered the retailer to select the POS system. One is the strict requirement of the quality of barcode on the commodity. The POS system can shorten the working time and improve the efficiency only on the basis that the scanner can quickly read the product barcode. However, there are still a few product manufacturers produce poor barcode, which seriously affects the efficiency. The barcode quality on the commodity is a very key issue in the introduction of POS system.

In addition to above, the retailer need to consider the integration deepth and operation reality between the front end Point of sale and back office management software.

For example, the Age analysis is a good feature for the shop owner but it is more difficult to achieve. The reason is the inconvenience of operation at the front Point of Sale, as the customer’s age was judged by the cashier and enter into the system by hand. When there is a big queue waiting for checkout, the cashier will choose to press the same button all the time to speed up the checkout which finally resulting in wrong data. Such functions are not considering the actual operation. The retailer should not just buy it when the POS terminal manufacturers introduce it.

Retailers should not think it easily and over-beautify POS that once the POS is imported, all problems will be solved. In fact, it is a real beginning of automation management. After importing the POS system, you will need periodically check whether it has met the actual job requirements? Has the operation really improved the manual work efficiency? Is the cost reasonable? Only in this way, POS system can truly achieve the main goal of the introduction.

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