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Does Smart POS can finally replace traditional POS? 2020/07/28

POS (point of sale terminal) is an electronic system widely used in retail industry and finance. It is mainly used in commodity sales records, inventory, cash registers, etc. Especially when the application trend of the Internet of Things is prevalent, Android POS has gradually become the mainstream of the market and direction in the pos manufacturer in China .

Currently, x86 POS is the main market, but in recent years, the industry has started to develop Android POS. Compared with x86 POS, Android POS has lower cost and saves power. It can save more operating costs for retailers, so Android POS can Hope to become the trend of the future.

Android POS provides a new business model, innovation and breakthrough brought by community business, and promotes the upgrading of traditional X86 POS devices by Android POS system. The huge potential market has great commercial benefits for both manufacturers and end-users.

Many operators advocate cost down, Android POS can save costs, businesses do not need to invest in the machine room, do not need a large amount of investment to buy a server, do not need to have a dedicated network management or technical staff for maintenance, and Android mobile phone is as simple. Customized APP can be developed according to customer needs, with strong stability and multiple data protection mechanisms to ensure data security and never lose.

Today's handheld wisdom is prevalent, users are accustomed to change, Android user interface is more friendly, no need to install, no configuration, no education training, as long as users who have used smart phones can quickly get started.

At present, more and more software companies in the market provide mature Android commercial software. More than 3 million users worldwide download and use commercial APP, and Android POS system can combine credit card machines, card readers, vending machines, attendance machines, and ordering. Machines, ordering machines, automated cash register equipment, etc.

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