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Difference between EFT POS machine and MPOS? 2020/07/28

They are both Point of sale machine that be used in the merchant side to execute the payment of the client by swiping their debit card or credit card. Most of the EFT POS is desktop type, and most of the MPOS device is a mobile POS.

1, the Size is different

The EFT POS is generally larger in size because it has to print the payment receipts, and the MPOS is generally small.

2, the User group is different

The EFT POS is mainly used by the merchants in physical stores, and is generally used to collect money from customers; MPOS is generally used for self-employed individuals or individuals to collect money from customers.

3, the Signature method is different

The EFT POS machine has a small ticket be printed out and customer sign directly on this receipt. The MPOS is directly signed on its corresponding APP. (MPOS can’t print a receipt)

4, the different ways to Get business started

The EFT POS terminal can be used only after submitting ID card, savings card, hand-held photo, and business license to the bank agent. But to use a MPOS, you just need to download the corresponding APP and you complete the registration.

5, the way of Communication is also different

The EFT POS terminal generally uses GPRS or wifi connection; the MPOS generally needs to download the app and connect to the mobile phone network for use.

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