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Chinese tourist enjoy more happiness in Sri Lanka after launching of Alipay 2020/04/22

In China, people already used to leave their home without bring cash in their wallet. As no matter in the public transportation means, in the shops, in the parking places, in the supermarket or even in the flea market, you can pay with the most two popular mobile payment portal of Alipay and Wechatpay.

But when Chinese resident go aboard for business or for holiday, they have to change their habit in using the mobile payment at home by using the cash or credit card bring with them, the Chinese is the most cash-liking crowd used to pay by cash instead of credit card even touring overseas compare to the tourist from other country. So it happens in Roma that the thief is more focus on Chinese tourist be their target.

Sri Lanka now have come one of the popular place for Chinese to enjoy their holiday. The number of Chinese tourist arrivals increased dramatically year by year after 2013, only in 2017 there are totally over 268000 Chinese tourists arrived, now China have positioned herself as the second major tourist partner of Sri Lanka from 2017 after India.

In Nov,2018, Alipay release their service to their Chinese customer in Sri Lanka with the cooperation with local telecommunication operator Dialog Axiata through their 20,000+ agent outlet. Now Chinese tourist could use Alipay in their travel and in their shopping, even could withdraw cash from the merchant agent point. This will eliminate their hassle of currency converting, make them could enjoy more happiness in their holidays.