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Android POS parking solution 2020/07/28

The traditional parking charge system cannot effectively monitor parking spots, which is easy to cause the loss of parking fees. Customers can't find free parking spaces immediately and cannot get real-time information update, owner cannot easy to monitor parking spaces, easy resulting in traffic congestion and road occupation and cause traffic accidents. The Android POS machine is based on the intelligent android system can help the merchant to provide more effective services to the customer and increase the parking lot income to owner.

1. Android POS supports GPRS positioning function, which can guide the vehicle to find parking space. The owner can grasp the idle information of the road parking space in real time, integrate the public parking space information on the roadside, and guide the vehicle to quickly find the free parking space. Improve the service quality of the elevator and save the time for the owner to find the parking space.

2, Intelligent charging fees. When the owner stops, the charging management personnel enters the Android POS terminal to record the license plate number information of the owner, and at the same time takes the photo of the owner's vehicle. When the owner picks up the car, the Android POS terminal automatically calculates the step calculation method of the sub-region and time-segment. The owner should pay the fee to avoid errors in the manual calculation and print the invoice to the owner. The collected parking and charging information is transmitted to the management center in real time through a wireless 3G network.

3. The use of the Android POS terminal provide complete charging data and clear accounts information, greatly improving the parking management, increasing the income of the parking manager and reducing the management cost.

4. Data analysis of parking conditions in urban road parking supports the establishment of road parking state maps on electronic maps and static traffic management information for ITC.

The parking Android POS machine can effectively alleviate the problem of parking difficulties in busy areas and significantly improve the traffic congestion in key areas. Improve the convenience index and improve the image and competitiveness of the city. Effectively integrate parking resources, improve parking utilization, and alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand.

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