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Android POS for application market services 2020/07/28

Due to its unique characteristics, the Android POS terminal has gradually become an important “platform” for the acquiring business of various acquiring institutions. The biggest difference between the intelligent Android POS terminal and the previous POS machines is that it integrates the credit card payment module with the Internet hardware module, comes with a color touch screen, and is deeply customized based on the Android system, and has built-in various business applications.

The intelligent Android POS terminal not only has the functions of traditional POS machine such as transaction, print ticket, scan code, etc. Its core feature is that it can be connected with the cloud open application platform (On-Cloud App Store). Merchants can download third-party merchant applications from the cloud application platform and apply them to daily business activities, such as financial services for merchants, CRM, marketing, data analysis tools developed for different companies and different industries. As long as the merchant purchases this Android POS machine, in theory, it is no longer necessary to use a computer, and even the cash register is not needed. Directly using this POS can complete most of the enterprise informationization tasks.

The open cloud application platform (On-Cloud App Store) aims to introduce third-party software development organizations, establish an open APP market, and create a full-scenario application market to meet the business needs of various businesses in various scenarios. In the future, there will be not only operational tools that help merchants improve management and efficiency, but also many fantastic ideas for the customer experience.

Faced with the innovation of payment forms and the fierce competition in the payment market, banks or third-party acquirers should open up their business with various industry partners such as APP developers and value-added content providers in various vertical industrie. Through in-depth cooperation, we continuously carry out cross-domain innovation and exploration, and provide customers with competitive products and scenario solutions to jointly help the development of the industry.

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