01. Our products

Products Categories
Focusing on Android based POS machines, now there have several series android POS devices contains Mobile POS, Desktop POS, Fiscal POS. 
Smart Handheld POS terminal Handheld POS machine Smart-MINI

SMART-MINI launched to be portable POS with higher security Android 8.1 operation system and customized multi-functions to fit with market demand.

Android POS terminal Biometric POS machine Smart-CUBE
Smart-CUBE as biometric pos terminal carry with android 7.0 operation system, 5.5inch touch screen,  fingerprint reader, 2D scanner , 4G/3G/WIFI network and 2inch printer. 
point of sale hardware Android POS machine Smart-ONE
DATAMEGA researches market need and replace keyboard cash register, it designs its first popular All-in-one POS with Android based system SMART-ONE to fit with customers’ requirement. 
All-in-one POS machine Retail POS system Smart-TILL
System pos Smart-TILL is focus on simplifying the operation of cashiers and to realize fast sales in both online and offline. It can connect with various peripherals such as customer display, scale, scanner, EFT-POS, etc, to provide users with an integrated POS system.
Fiscal cash regsiter Electronic Fiscal Device Fis-NANO
Fiscal android POS devices Fis-NANO can be used for different fiscal countries to assist local authority to record sales and taxes.


Insight into the market demand, understanding the customer pain points, in the pursuit of product innovation at the same time, DATAMEGA is committed to provide customers with high-quality commercial terminal.

02. Why choose us

Our Advantage
DATAMEGA Insight into the market demand, understand the customer pain points, in the pursuit of product innovation , DATAMEGA is committed to providing customers with the high-quality POS device.
The core engineers and marketers are working on this industry for more than 10 years and we can provide quality product and service for partners.
Sell android POS devices to more than 100+ customers in different industry.
Delivering solution
Delivering solution
For various industries,including Telecom, Financial services, Information technology, retail & Hospitality business. 
Develop more than 4 series android POS machines and will keep go on each years. 
After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service
Establish professional technical support team, assist customer solve development problem and market feedback.
Export android POS machine to more than 20 countries in the world and win good reputation. 
Production lines
Production lines
Equipped with SMT & insertion production lines ,whole-set assembling lines and  hi-tech testing equipment & instruments.

03. Project cases

Our Application
Apply products on all kinds of applications including mobile reload,Utility payment, lottery, mobile QR payment, money transfer, event ticket ,bus ticket,fiscal solutions,etc. 
Mobile Reload
Mobile Reload
Huge capacity battery supports longtime standby and works, and easily to be changed by hand. Dual Sim and extra antenna design provide stable data connection in rural area. 
QR payment
QR payment

Special QR code interface can enlarge itself automatically.Meanwhile, the fixed focus makes less scanning time and longer camera life.

Retail & hospitality
Retail & hospitality
Full touch screen with android operation system, support 3G/WIFI/BT/Ethernet network, multi-connection port including LAN port, USB port and com port to work with various peripherals. 

As POS hardware supplier, we supply POS to many applications. 

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04. events

Share views on popular POS machine knowledge to solve customer's questions and advise DataMega latest technology to help partners know us better. 
Will the blockchain combined with smart POS payments be a new social revolution?
Hong Kong version of Alipay Alipayay online, the world's first blockchain-based e-wallet cross-border remittance services. On June 25, 2018, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba, Ma Yun, will witness the first remittance at the Hong Kong conference. As the development of the blockchain industry approaches the end of the initial phase, many key technology foundations are mature enough. Ana...
Jul , 28 2020
What Smart POS can do in the mobile payment tendency?
The development of the EFT POS industry has a long history, but it still seems to be a traditional one. The Customer end has reached to the internet age, but the Business end is still at the traditional level. As an ancient payment tool, the traditional EFT POS terminal has been far from meeting the fast-growing requirement of mobile payment tendency. When the mobile phone moved from a featured ma...
Jul , 28 2020
How to select a POS system for your business?
What is a pos system? POS system is combination of point of sale terminal and s/w developed to be used in a signal industry. It has developed from a only cash register to a point of sale, now a days to a point of services. But POS is only one of the tools to assist the operation of the store. Before making a decision of which kind of POS terminal manufacturer will be selected, the store owner must...
Jul , 28 2020
The tendency of the POS SYSTEM
The so-called POS is the Point of Sales system. The main function of the POS is that in the process of commodity trading or trading, both buyers and sellers can pass the sale information including the amount, quantity, sales details through the front-end automation equipment and peripheral equipment, such as: electronic cash register and POS scanner to into the back office system. And then through...
Jul , 28 2020
Android POS parking solution
The traditional parking charge system cannot effectively monitor parking spots, which is easy to cause the loss of parking fees. Customers can't find free parking spaces immediately and cannot get real-time information update, owner cannot easy to monitor parking spaces, easy resulting in traffic congestion and road occupation and cause traffic accidents. The Android POS machine is based on the in...
Jul , 28 2020
Android POS for application market services
Due to its unique characteristics, the Android POS terminal has gradually become an important “platform” for the acquiring business of various acquiring institutions. The biggest difference between the intelligent Android POS terminal and the previous POS machines is that it integrates the credit card payment module with the Internet hardware module, comes with a color touch screen, and is deeply ...
Jul , 28 2020